Speakers are still being confirmed and therefore the programme is subject to change.

10:00am - 10:30am GMT+2
10:30am - 10:35am GMT+2 Master of Ceremonies
Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies
By James Preston – MC
10:40am - 11:15am GMT+2 Keynote
Keynote Address: DeFi's Effect on NFTs, Blockchain and Web 3.0
By Justin Sun (Keynote)
11:20am - 11:55am GMT+2 Keynote
Keynote Address: Digital Wealth
By Michael Wu (Keynote)
11:30am - 12:30pm GMT+2 Workshop
Workshop: Svalbard: Time, Money and Power
By Håvard KittelsenKen Siva Lie
11:45am - 12:10pm GMT+2 Keynote
Keynote Address: The Polygon Network: Redefining the Blockchain Landscape
By Sandeep Nailwal (Keynote)
12:15pm - 12:40pm GMT+2 Session
Why Prediction Markets are Key to Crypto's Future
By Logan Saether
01:25pm - 01:50pm GMT+2 Session
Arbitrage, OTC Trading, Cryptocurrency in Africa
By Jonathan Ovadia
02:00pm - 02:20pm GMT+2 Keynote
Keynote Address: Vector: Redefining Crypto Trading with Customer-oriented Data and Technology
By Marcos Boschetti (Keynote)
02:30pm - 02:55pm GMT+2 Session
Cryptocurrency as a Tool for Financial Inclusion
By Kwon Park
02:40pm - 03:15pm GMT+2 Panel, Moderated by Thessy Mehrain
Panel: Moving Towards a Multi-Chain World
By brantly.ethJunjia HeThessy MehrainTarun Malik
03:10pm - 03:45pm GMT+2 Keynote
Keynote Address: Innovation at Yolo Group
By Maarja Pärt (Keynote)Tim Heath (Keynote)
03:20pm - 04:20pm GMT+2 Workshop
Workshop - FTX: An Institutional Grade Derivatives Exchange: The Unprecedented Growth of FTX and Key Platform Features
By Adebayo Juwon
03:25pm - 04:05pm GMT+2 Panel, Moderated by Leslie Lamb
Panel: The Rising Tide of Institutional Investment: Where Are We and Where Is It Heading?
By Michael Wu (Keynote)Markus FrankeDean ThomasFelix HartmannLeslie Lamb
04:05pm - 04:30pm GMT+2 Session hosted by Adriana Hamacher
Integration of Bitcoin and Internet Computer: Finally Bringing Smart Contracts to Bitcoin
By Dominic WilliamsAdriana Hamacher
04:15pm - 04:55pm GMT+2 Panel, Moderated by Jennifer Sanasie
Panel: NFT Flexing: What is Driving the Hype?
By Jennifer SanasiePaula PettitSunil SinghviJames Hakim
04:25pm - 05:10pm GMT+2 Panel, Moderated by Samantha Yap
Panel: VC Investing: Where is the Money Going?
By Tim Heath (Keynote)Tito Cookey-GamSamantha YapAnil Hansjee
05:00pm - 05:35pm GMT+2 Fireside Chat hosted by Layah Heilpern
Fireside Chat - After The Hype: The Future For NFTs
By Raoul Pal (Keynote)Layah Heilpern
05:25pm - 05:50pm GMT+2 Session Hosted by Jake Browatzke
Building a Metaverse from Scratch
By Michael WagnerJake Browatzke
05:35pm - 05:55pm GMT+2 Session
The Next Generation of NFTs: Oracle-Powered NFTs
By Stephen Fluin
06:00pm - 06:45pm GMT+2 Crypto Battle, Moderated by Alex Melikhov
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of Them All? Battle of the Blockchains
By Alon MurochSamy KarimAlex Melikhov
06:30pm - 06:55pm GMT+2 Session
How Cryptocurrency is Being Used to Help People Cope with the Effects of Hyperinflation
By Nevin Freeman
07:00pm - 07:05pm GMT+2 Master of Ceremonies
Closing by Master of Ceremonies
By James Preston – MC
07:05pm - 08:00pm GMT+2 Party with The Godfathers LIVE!
After-Party - Get Your Crypto Party On!
By The Godfathers of DeepHouse SA
29 October 2021

After-Party – Get Your Crypto Party On!

Join the After-Party! The Godfathers Of Deep House SA will be jamming live from 7pm – 8pm GMT+2.

The Godfathers Of Deep House SA is a leading Deep House Music Production which is a vision that is created and founded by Masia Mashapa run under The Godfada Recording Label (Pty).

Don’t miss the fun!