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Crypto Fest 2024 | Cryptopia

29 November 2024 | Cape Town, South Africa | 6th Edition

Get ready for the most exciting crypto event of the year! Crypto Fest is back for its sixth edition on November 29, 2024, and once again it takes place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Get ready to experience the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology and vibrant culture in the breathtaking city ranked among the most beautiful in the world.

Welcome to Cryptopia, an extraordinary realm that transcends the boundaries of our current society. Embark on an adventure and step into a world where possibilities are limitless.

Join us for a day filled with mind-blowing conversations, thrilling debates, and a unique exploration of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain communities are reshaping the world as we know it. Finance, investing, art, music, sport, gaming, entertainment, marketing, governance—no industry is left untouched.

With over 500+ enthusiastic attendees, Crypto Fest will be the place to be.

Rub shoulders with industry experts and visionary speakers from across the globe as they share their insights on the hottest trends in cryptocurrency, memecoins, the Metaverse, Web3, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Get ready to have your mind expanded and your ideas ignited!

But that’s not all. Picture yourself surrounded by the stunning beauty of Cape Town, as you dive into captivating keynote presentations that will leave you inspired.

Explore our bustling marketplace, filled with vibrant activity, where you can discover intriguing booths and educational workshops. And don’t forget about the competitions and giveaways—prepare to be amazed!

Crypto Fest 2024 is not just an event; it’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement.

Get ready to dive into Cryptopia, a world beyond today’s society, a place where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies helps build dreams.

why you should attend

  • Discover the hottest cryptocurrencies, stable coins, and memecoins
  • Dive deep into the opportunities that Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has to offer
  • Get exclusive insights into digital asset regulation and developments
  • Immerse yourself in the educational workshops
  • Win awesome crypto-branded socks, freebies, and swag
  • Indulge in the beauty of an amazing beachfront venue in one of the world’s most stunning cities
  • Chill out in our inviting lounge areas and soak up the sun on the beach
  • Meet and mingle with industry experts and enthusiasts at the exhibition booths

who will attend

Prepare to engage with an extraordinary mix of professionals, visionaries, and trailblazers.

These include: industry innovators, global cryptocurrency and blockchain thought leaders, technology and innovation experts, technical decision makers, strategy influencers and analysts, entrepreneurs, FinTech professionals, payment specialists, forex and cryptocurrency traders, cryptocurrency mining entities, cryptocurrency exchanges, retail and institutional investors, software developers and engineers, system architects, technical leads, early adopters, venture capitalists, journalists and content writers, marketing specialists, accountants and auditors, attorneys, regulators, compliance officers, global policy makers, gamers, musicians, artists, key industry influencers and enthusiasts.


Top Global Speakers

Get ready to be inspired by a stellar lineup of 30+ global innovators and thought leaders in the cryptocurrency, Metaverse, blockchain, Web3.0, and DeFi industry.


Forge strategic partnerships, and unlock the possibilities of the latest Web3.0, blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and cryptocurrency solutions. Our vibrant exhibition booths are brimming with innovative products, platforms, and services that will leave you inspired and informed.

Prizes and Giveaways

Receive cool swag from our sponsors and exhibitors and seize the chance to win fantastic giveaways, including exclusive crypto-themed socks.


Gain fundamental knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and master the art of coding your own DApps at our hands-on workshops.


Connect and network with trailblazing professionals at the forefront of their respective industries, including finance, insurance, trading, mining, software infrastructure, auditing, investment, legal, regulation, and beyond. Rub shoulders with the industry’s most progressive minds, forging valuable connections and unlocking endless possibilities at our event.

Premium VIP Yacht

Embark on an unforgettable VIP experience as a Supanova VIP Ticket holder, where you’ll mingle with fellow Crypto Fest guests aboard the exquisite Mirage yacht.


Get ready to party the night away at the after-party! Let loose, groove to the beats, mingle, make memories and celebrate the exhilarating world of crypto.


Hannes Wessels (Keynote Speaker)

General Manager of Southern and Francophone Africa at Binance

Justin Sun (Keynote)

Founder of TRON

Sandeep Nailwal (Keynote)

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Polygon (previously Matic Network)

Raoul Pal (Keynote)

CEO and Co-Founder of Real Vision

Nevin Freeman

CEO and Co-founder of Reserve

Tone Vays

Content Creator, Derivatives Trader and Consultant

Illia Polosukhin

Co-founder at NEAR Protocol

María Paula Fernández

Advisor at Golem Factory GmbH and Founder and Managing Director of ETHBerlin

Leslie Lamb

Chief Marketing Officer at CoinFLEX


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