Don’t Miss the Crypto Battles at Crypto Fest 2019!

Bitcoin Events is hosting its first ever Crypto Festival in Cape Town on 7 September 2019 at Shimmy Beach Club, V and A Waterfront. This is the first event of its kind in South Africa!

Interest in cryptocurrency is steadily soaring in Africa. Being considered a disruptive innovation, numerous start-ups and initiatives are leveraging cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to build an African financial ecosystem and deliver innovative services to African consumers and businesses.

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What You Can Expect at the Crypto Fest

This one-day event will be moving away from the traditional conference and exhibition model, into a ground-breaking festival of engaging, thought-provoking and quality content on three stages, driving meaningful discussion and debate on how best to accelerate global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Fest 2019 strives to bring cryptocurrencies to life through immersive activities showcasing examples of real-world application and increased engagement opportunities to make the connections needed to expedite cryptocurrency adoption through controversial crypto debates in the Crypto Battle Arena, live crypto gaming and fun competitions with crypto giveaways. The festival will culminate with a Crypto Party!

Crypto Battle 1: Battle of the Coins – Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

The Bitcoin Civil War between BTC, BCH, and BSV is hotter than ever, with existential stakes for different communities of stakeholders. The legal battles between competing bitcoins grow more complex each day. Bitcoin-related lawsuits now cover a lot of ground, including adjudication of whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The BSV community doesn’t even dignify the BTC token with the “Bitcoin” name, referring to BTC as “Core.” It turns out that “taking over” bitcoin is not as difficult as diehard bitcoin maximalists would have liked to believe. It begins with small steps, such as denying bitcoin-ness to other competing bitcoins. Not to be outdone, BTC folks derisively call BCH, BSV and other wannabe bitcoin variants, “alts,” “fakecoins,” and/or, “shitcoins.”

Less fighting and more buidl-ing is the only win-win scenario here. Catch Lorien Gamaroff, Rocelo Lopes in this crypto battle ring, with James Preston as the mediator.

Crypto Battle 2: Crypto Whales vs. the Small Fish

In crypto terminology, “whales” are single investors, or groups of investors, who have enough coins to manipulate the market. The crypto whales can use their wealth to feed off the markets by eating up smaller investors. Just like whales eat smaller fish. Crypto whales get accused of market manipulation and dirty tactics, and can cause market prices to drop or rise within minutes by dumping a huge amount of coins at once. However, not all crypto whales are sharks. And while that might be true for some whales, it is a broad and unjustified generalisation to presume that all of them are solely focused on market manipulation.

Join our Whales vs. the Small Fish crypto battle on how the price of crypto is being manipulated by the whales.

Crypto Battle 3: Libra Coin – What Does it Mean for Crypto?

It is no more news that Facebook is taking a chunk of its resources and technical know-how to establishing a coin, Libra, offering a “faster, cheaper and more secure” alternative to traditional ways of making payments on the internet, according to reports. Subsequently, both the crypto and mainstream media are churning out pieces on the topic with many either favouring the development or skeptical about its potential impacts. Regardless of all the details surrounding the introduction of this ambitious project, one thing is clear: over 2 billion people would have seamless access to Libra. Therefore, regulations, use case, its influence on the crypto market, as well as the financial industry, has come under unprecedented scrutiny.

According to Andreas Antonopoulos: “The fundamental thing to understand here is that what Facebook or any type of company like Facebook is proposing is not a cryptocurrency. It does not have any of the fundamental characteristics of cryptocurrency. It does not stand on the five pillars of open blockchains… An open public cryptocurrency is open, it is public, it is neutral, it is borderless, and it is censorship-resistant.”

Catch this crypto debate on Facebook’s Libra coin.

The Crypto Fest After-Party

The after party will be hosted at the beautiful Shimmy Beach Club at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town.
Shimmy Beach Club is Cape Town’s premier ocean-front dining and lifestyle venue. When you shimmy down to the spectacular location fronting the harbour with its breathtaking backdrop of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, you’ll discover a destination with endless opportunity for luxury and indulgence. Savour the delectable menus, taste numerous luxury drinks and cocktails, and imbibe the sophisticated environment they’ve created just for you.