Thessy Mehrain

Co-Founder of Liquality

Thessy Mehrain has been creating innovative digital solutions for more than 15 years across several domains.

She is the Co-Founder of Liquality, a DeFi project that enables decentralized value exchange for financial inclusion and frictionless global interactions across different blockchains, backed by ConsenSys. In 2016 Thessy founded “Women in Blockchain,” a decentralized global community that is governed only by common principles to be a catalyst for women defining the blockchain space. She also worked on self-sovereign identity and a supply chain solution and with the Consensys Social Impact team.

Previously, Thessy was Vice President of Product Strategy at JPMorgan’s investment bank, worked with Occupy’s Alternative Banking Group, was a partner in a consultancy for digital solutions and transformation, and co-founded a scientific peer reviews system. She is a multinational who embraces the global vibe of New York City.

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