Shaheer Karrim

Co-Founder of Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub SA

As the Co-Founder of Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub Southern Africa, Karrim is deeply immersed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Through his extensive business development experience, he has cultivated a diverse network that encompasses layer 1 protocols, DeFi platforms, infrastructure solutions, alongside marketing and advisory services, as well as venture capital firms.

Karrim’s expertise extends to providing crucial funding options and advisory services to an array of projects, guiding them through the intricacies of the blockchain ecosystem. His commitment lies in ensuring these ventures not only secure the necessary capital but also gain access to valuable insights and strategies that are paramount for their success. Currently, his focus is channelled towards cultivating a robust ecosystem for Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and Web3 technologies in Southern Africa. This initiative is not just about technology adoption; it is a comprehensive effort to foster innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing, and create a supportive community for startups and entrepreneurs in this space. Through Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub, his is laying down the groundwork for a future where Southern Africa stands as a significant player in the global blockchain narrative. B

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