Piotr Tylczynski

Piotr Tylczynsk

Senior VP Global Business Development at MineBest

Piotr has worked for a string of companies throughout his career, ranging from global industry leaders like Maersk (logistics) or Wolters Kluwer (publishing, media) to start-ups in advertising or industrial design. In recent years he has been active as a strategic consultant in the IT industry, focusing on go-to-market analysis, legal and HR issues as well as strategy.

He has a JD degree in international law and nearly 20 years of global business development experience, which he is currently sharing with MineBest, one of the most exciting and fastest growing mining operations in the world! As a key figure in the organisation, he is responsible for both global business development as well as general management of the Warsaw office.

Apart from speaking 5 languages fluently and traveling to some of the most “off the beaten track” places on earth, he loves music and film production, aviation and the exciting sport of hockey.

  • http://minebest.com
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