Nonkululeko Musa Ntuli

Consultant at IQbusiness and Governor of H.E.R. DAO South Africa

With a background in finance and data science, Nonkululeko is passionate about leveraging AI and blockchain technology to develop innovative solutions for complex business challenges. Nonkululeko’s expertise, particularly in the Solutions Economy at IQbusiness, reflects a commitment to driving transformative solutions in the business landscape.

Nonkululeko is a Senior Associate Consultant in the Finance and Risk Advisory unit at IQbusiness, where they provide valuable insights and consultancy. Additionally, as a co-lead in blockchain research, Nonkululeko plays a pivotal role in exploring innovative and practical blockchain applications for business use. Nonkululeko i salso a Co-founder of Azima, a decentralized peer-to-peer Bitcoin-focused lending platform. Azima is also dedicated to promoting Bitcoin adoption in Africa. As a blockchain advisor for Bare Mind, Nonkululeko is actively involved in research and advisory for the development and deployment of their cryptocurrency rewards program. Furthermore, Nonkululeko is a co-founder and Governor of H.E.R. DAO South Africa, a regional DAO of H.E.R. DAO Global, which actively promotes diversity and inclusion within the Web3 space, with a specific focus on the African context,encouraging participation in Web3 and the creation of solutions tailored to African needs.

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