Jonathan Ovadia

Co-Founder and CEO at OVEX

Jonathan is the CEO and Co-founder at OVEX.

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast from a very young age. At 16 he started a private hedge fund leveraging CFD’s in the South African Market focusing on fast growing technology consulting firms, managing money from friends and Family. The same year Jonathan built LottoPool, an online lottery club allowing users to pool their funds in order to increase their chances of winning.

While studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cape Town, Ovadia co-founded 4 companies. ‘MadMash’ a lifestyle media company focusing on the underserved South African youth. ‘GTG’, an on-demand grocery delivery startup which later became ‘Magic’, South Africa’s leading on demand grocery delivery service. ‘OV Soft’, a software consulting firm building disruptive technologies for startups at a discount while maintaining equity in the businesses.

And OVEX, Jonathan’s most ambitious project yet – with the goal of democratising access to cryptocurrencies in order to enable the wave of innovation rapidly emerging in the crypto space.

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