James Preston – MC

GlobalCrypto.tv Co-Founder and Comms Manager at Zeitgeist

James is an accomplished tech writer and speaker and currently serves as Communications Manager at Zeitgeist Prediction Markets. He also co-founded Global Crypto, South Africa’s first news website for the blockchain industry. He has covered innovative tech and how it can make our world a better place since 2006 and has since won five SA Blog Awards.

His work has been featured on East Coast Radio, BBC Africa, and BizNews.com among others. His work in socio-economic philosophy caused him to stumble across the Bitcoin project in early 2013, where he began researching how true digital money and its underlying blockchain technology could impact society. His talks are highly engaging, very informative, and deeply inspiring, and his work as an MC is always full of energy and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

  • https://globalcrypto.tv/
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