Hakim Mamoni

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Knabu

Having worked on a range of banking, telecommunication and blockchain projects, Hakim Mamoni is an seasoned technologist and entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades of experience in both Europe and Asia.

As an entrepreneur, he has a demonstrable track record of innovation and ability to turn business ideas into reality. In 2013, he co-founded one of the world’s first blockchain startup incubator which later became, after a successful Initial Public Offering of the company on the London NEX stock exchange in 2015, one of the world’s first public company focused on blockchain technology.

As a subject matter expert, he has been invited to explain blockchain technology and its impact to professionals working for law enforcement, law firms, insurance companies, accountancy companies, investment banks, central banks, telecommunication companies and stock exchanges. In 2016, he developed the UK’s first CPD accredited course focused on blockchain technology which he taught to a wide range of financial services professionals in the City of London.

As a multidisciplinary individual, he stays on top of both technological and financial trends and developments. After 10 years of experience working for financial institutions including 2 years at the Central Bank of Luxembourg, he is an avid reader of the financial press and has developed a strong understanding of macroeconomic and financial trends.

  • https://www.knabu.me
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