Claire Hall

MC for Women in Crypto Meetup, Sydney

Once coined a ‘corporate hippy’, Claire Hall is a passionate ‘woman in crypto’ working at a grassroots level to entice other ‘everyday’ women into the world of crypto. Claire sees the gender discrepancy in the crypto space as a big concern, one that could potentially undo the work women have done up to now to earn their spot on the financial stage.

Day to day (when not on maternity leave), Claire is a Corporate Learning Consultant for a large financial institution in Australia where she is working to put blockchain on the agenda. More broadly Claire is an evangelist for financial inclusion where she sees cryptocurrency as a perfect way to bank the unbanked without banks! She finds the potential for individuals – especially those who are economically disadvantaged – to transact with people globally via peer-to-peer digital cash, very exciting.

Finally, Claire is an environment enthusiast: “there is no planet B!”! So we really need to talk about how to power bitcoin mining farms with solar moving forward!

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