Andy Flury

Founder and CEO of AlgoTrader

Andy Flury is a serial Entrepreneur and Quantitative Trading Expert. Andy is a former Swiss Air Force pilot. He led projects at the Swiss intelligence Agency and various major banks. In 2010 Andy became partner and Head of Algorithmic Trading at Linard Capital AG, a Switzerland based quantitative hedge fund. In 2014 Andy started AlgoTrader, a comprehensive algorithmic trading platform that enables buy side and sell side trading firms to rapidly develop, simulate, backtest and deploy automated quantitative trading strategies on a single platform. Initially designed for global equities, futures, forex and options, since 2017 AlgoTrader fully supports automated trading of Cryptocurrencies. In early 2020 the company launched their new product WIRESWARM, and advanced order- and execution management system (OEMS) for trading and execution of digital assets. It enables banks and brokers to connect seamlessly with the world’s most liquid and regulated digital asset and cryptocurrency trading venues. Andy Flury holds a Masters in Industrial Management and Manufacturing Engineering from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

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