Michael Deon

Web 3 | Unity Game Developer | Artist

Michael has recently been featured in Fast Company’s Top 20 under 30 Feature, as well as African Independent Top 40 under 40. Augmentors (a startup he Co-founded) has also been featured in Brainstorm Magazine as one of the most innovative tech startups.

In 2015, Michael co-founded Augmentors an Augmented Reality NFT game, and In 2016, he appeared on Shark Tank SA where he was funded by Vinny Lingham & Gil Oved, the first Shark Tank deal to be done in Bitcoin.

Because of Michael’s vision and passion, along with the assistance of experts, Augmentors raised $1 million USD (895 BTC) during a 30-day token sale, which ended in February 2017. At the time, it was the most successful token sale ever conducted by a mobile video game project and it was also the first token sale conducted in South Africa.

The project was anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain, with the idea that you could truly own your creatures and carry them with you to battle in true augmented reality! The creators and investors of Augmentors really believed in the idea that you can own a game character and build your game around it even before NFTs existed.

Michael Deon has been a keynote speaker at both Startup Grind as well as HeavyChef, discussing his entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, Michael has been on the panel at both Fak’ugesi as well as the Cultural Economies Forum, exploring how blockchain solutions are changing the game and what possibilities they offer.

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