Adrian Hope-Bailie

CEO of Fynbos

Adrian is the Co-founder and CEO of Fynbos. He is originally from Johannesburg but now lives in Cape Town with his wife, three kids, and two dogs. Adrian is a long time open source, open standards and payments nerd who still likes to do some coding just to make sure he’s not getting rusty.

He started his career while still at the University of Cape Town where he co-founded a rugby website, which was one of the top 10 websites in the country at the time.

He did a short stint in Ireland working on mobile Web technologies for dotMobi and that was where he first got involved in open standards, through the W3C.

His return to South Africa in 2009 was the beginning of his career in (and passion for) payments, working in the payment card industry at various local and international companies until he got interested in an obscure idea called Open Transactions which lead him to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ultimately joining Ripple in 2015.

At Ripple, and then later at Coil, he helped develop the Interledger protocol stack, representing both companies at W3C where he was co-chair of the Web Payments Working Group. With a particular interest in the usability and security of payments and inspired by the potential of Open Banking he designed the Open Payments standard and payment pointers.

Adrian loves his home continent of Africa and is fascinated by the potential of technology created there (like mobile money) to make a major impact on the rest of the world. He previously sat on the board of the Mojaloop Foundation where his experience in open source, open standards and payments all came in handy.

In 2021, Adrian and 3 of his colleagues from Coil, started Fynbos building products that leverage the Interledger protocol to provide a better way to pay. To day the Fynbos wallet is available to US users and is ready to launch in South Africa.

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