All attendees enjoyed complimentary access to the workshops at Crypto Fest 2023.

Workshop 1

Cryptopia 101: Your Inaugural Dive into the Web3 Universe

10:30pm – 12:00pm GMT+2

Hosted by Web3 Sanctuary

Web3 Sanctuary hosted an introductory session on the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and provided insights into what they are, how they function, and their wide range of applications.

Who attended?

Attendees that are new to Web3.0, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


Devon Krantz

Founder and CEO at Web3 Sanctuary

Web3 Sanctuary is more than an EdTech platform; we’re the bridge to the future of web3. We fuse on-chain gamification with cutting-edge learning techniques, to train web3 developers and onboard the users of tomorrow.

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Workshop 2

Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Compliance in the Crypto Industry

12:25pm – 14:25pm GMT+2

Hosted by Chainalysis

Chainalysis hosted a workshop designed for compliance professionals, crypto business owners and executives, and legal professionals who advise crypto businesses.

In this workshop, attendees learnt how to mitigate risk and ensure compliance in the ever-evolving crypto industry and the latest regulatory developments and best practices for compliance.

Attendees learnt how to use Reactor and KYT, two powerful tools that can help you stay compliant.

Some of the topics that were covered were:
– The latest regulatory developments in the crypto industry
– Best practices for compliance
– How to use Reactor and KYT to stay compliant
– Case studies of crypto businesses that have successfully navigated the compliance landscape
– Identify and assess risks in the crypto industry
– Develop and implement effective compliance programs
– Use Reactor and KYT to stay compliant
– Confidently advise clients on crypto compliance

Who attended?

Compliance professionals, anti-financial crime teams, legal professionals in the Fintech space.


Zakaria Ellaoui

Senior Solution Architect at Chainalysis

Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to global law enforcement agencies, regulators, and businesses as they work together to fight illicit cryptocurrency activity.

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Philip Mawusi Adiamah

Financial Services Head – Africa & UAE at Chainalysis

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Workshop 3

Introduction to The Graph Protocol – Decentralised APIs and the Datalayer of Web3

15:00pm – 17:00pm GMT+2

Hosted by The Graph

The Graph hosted a workshop outlining how The Graph Protocol is a vital component to decentralised applications and decentralised indexing of onchain data, how it works, how to get involved and how you can use it for your dApp.

Who attended?

Developers, Software Engineers and CTO’s.


Kent Fourie

Founder and CTO at Graphrica

The Graph is a web3 protocol for organising and accessing blockchain data.  

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