Yvonne Kagondu

Co-founder Kushite ICP Hub

Yvonne Kagondu is a Kenyan Blockchain expert, mentor, and speaker. She plays a key role in promoting the adoption of Blockchain and Web3 in
Kenya, and East Africa as a whole, through pioneering education and mentorship programs, as well as through empowering youth and women and encouraging them to venture into blockchain. Her efforts have earned her recognition as a key player in the African Blockchain and Web 3 ecosystem.

Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Business Science Degree in Financial Economics from Strathmore University and a software development certificate from Moringa School, which she earned in 2018. Her career started in 2018 when she worked for the Kenyan Commercial Bank Group as an intern before joining Google Digital Skills for Africa as a Quality Assurance team member. Yvonne would then develop a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, prompting her to venture into Blockchain and Web3. September 2018 would then mark the start of Yvonne’s consulting career, as she proceeded to work with leading Blockchain companies, including KuBitX Exchange, Aeternity, Bitcoinke, Zippie Ewallet, Paxful, Token Minds, and Force-Field Digital. Her roles ranged from community management to acting as an advisor, all geared towards driving market growth and fostering strong stakeholder relationships.

Yvonne founded Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO in July 2021, which is an initiative that offers women mentorship and training opportunities to help them gain the needed skills and knowledge to lead fulfilling careers in the Blockchain industry.

She also co-founded the Kushite ICP. Hub East Arica in April 2023, which is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and its benefits among developers and the general public in the East African region. With her extensive background in finance and cryptocurrencies, she is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry. Yvonne has gained the recognition of being a distinguished speaker and has been invited to various platforms to share her insight on Blockchain and Web3.

  • https://icpkushite.com/
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