Carlo Sabogal

Project Manager and Chief Market Analyst at StratumBlue

Carlo Sabogal is the Project Manager and Chief Market Analyst at StratumBlue, a product by Stratum, a global company leader in cryptocurrency financial services.

Carlo has worked on several cryptocurrency related projects since 2015, including Stratum’s Smart Wallet and Advanced Wallet. Carlo created StratumBlue in 2018, an innovative tokenized crypto basket, providing users easy access to several cryptocurrencies by holding a single digital token.

Carlo is very passionate about cryptocurrencies, and is devoted to crypto education and training. He often holds free webinars on different crypto related topics, aiming to educate people about crypto and its effects on our current and future economy.

Carlo majored in both Finance and International Business at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in the United States. He plans to return to FAU in the future as a professor, to educate the next generation on the cryptocurrency market.

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