Premium Photo Opportunity Sponsor

Step into a world of immersive selfies with our cutting-edge 360-degree photo experience at the event.

Attendees will capture their special moments from every angle as the camera rotates around them, creating a stunning and dynamic selfie that truly encapsulates the excitement of the occasion.

This exclusive sponsorship is an opportunity for one sponsor to have great branding visibility in the centre of the exhibition area.

Attendees at Crypto Fest 2022 and 2023 took fun to a whole new level with the incredible 360-degree selfie experience. Take a look at here. 

General Information

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Sponsors branding to be displayed on the centre circle and panels around the camera, similar to the images above
  • Attendees will have an opportunity to take a 360° selfie in the zone and post it on social media to enter competitions and increase engagement of the event
  • A custom microsite will be setup with download links to all videos
  • Sponsors logo will be displayed on each video
  • Sponsor logo on event stand up banners
  • Sponsor logo on printed/digital programme

The sponsor receives the standard benefits of sponsorship which include:

  • Social media promotion
  • Sponsor logo on the event website
  • Sponsor logo on photo wall banner
  • Mentioned in event newsletter
  • Receipt of a complimentary post event report
  • Sponsorship archived on website

Other Information

Attendees can capture every angle of themselves and the background of this zone and exhibition area with the 360° Selfie Video Spin.

This provides a sponsor with a unique opportunity to engage attendees in a fun way to increase social media activation.

The 360° Spin package includes:

  • Custom video template / overlay design
  • SMS and Email sharing
  • Custom Microsite for set-up (all videos will be stored here for company to share as they feel)
  • 360° Spin Videos and Boomerang GIFs
  • Friendly SelfieBox Attendant to set up and assist
  • Download link to all your videos

Crypto Fest 2022 Photo Zone Experience

Click on the images to view the video.

Sponsorship Prospectus

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