NFT Gallery

The NFT Gallery at Crypto Fest 2023 is set to be a groundbreaking exhibition, highlighting the cutting-edge innovation of NFT art and collections.

Crypto Fest 2023 will feature an exhibition of NFT artists and marketplaces in the NFT Gallery.

NFT Market Network (NFT Marketplace)


NFT Market Network is a suite of solutions for African creators which includes NFT Market Africa, token wear, Canvas3 and more.

View the NFT Market Network website here for more information.

Morianah Inc (NFT Marketplace)

The Nadra Collection

The Nadra Collection is a collection of 45 exclusive paintings by artists of diverse style and visual perspective, depicting African culture, creativity and heritage.


African Art Collective

NFTy Art has a passion for supporting African Artists and for positive disruption and has evolved into one of the leading NFT spaces in Africa with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Visit the NFTy Art website here for more information.


NFTsAfrica Collection

NFTsAfrica is a platform emphasizing “For Africa By Africans,” fostering a vibrant NFT ecosystem in Africa.

Visit the NFTsAfrica website here for more information.