NFT Gallery: Showcasing NFT African artists and marketplaces

The Crypto Fest 2022 showcased 9 African NFT artists and marketplaces in the NFT Gallery.

Libex: NFT Chain Sponsor

Libex was the NFT Chain Sponsor at the Crypto Fest 2022. Libex is a user-friendly, human-centred, and optimized NFT marketplace on the blockchain. The company seeks to educate artists and digital asset enthusiasts on how NFTs can be used to enhance digital transactions and protect the intellectual property of creators by providing a safe environment for trading.

The Libex platform showcases how digital assets can be created, traded, and owned in a way that will make them more accessible to a global audience. Libex’s NFT Marketplace is an advanced and professional environment created with the intention of establishing a safe and trustworthy place for artists, creators, and developers to distribute their work to their target audience in a highly liquid and secure marketplace.

Libex is a next-generation blockchain platform for the digital asset economy that focuses on maximizing the benefits of owning an asset in an increasingly digitized world.

Libex auctioned an exclusive 1-of-1 Kevin Lerena left hand knockout glove for the WBA Intercontinental Championship at the Crypto Fest which sold to the highest bidder at ZAR150,000.

Arno Carstens

Arno Carstens is a musician and artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

During his career as the lead singer of The Springbok Nude Girls, and subsequently as a solo artist, Arno has released multiple albums, and won numerous awards including Best Rock Album, Best Alternative Album & Song of the Year.

Over the years, Arno’s passion for all things art has continued to overflow. In 2007 he took a break from both songwriting and touring and began working with his first love, oil on canvas. His first solo fine art exhibition was in 2012 at The Lovell Gallery in Woodstock.

His artwork now sells internationally from his online store or through pop up art and live music events which are hosted by him on a regular basis.

Arno released his first fine art NFT “SAMSARA”, the night before the Crypto Fest 2022. The auction piece was minted on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin and traded on Stacks’ premier marketplace Gamma.

Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal

Junaid is a South African born and internationally renowned artist known for using acrylic paints, mixed media and silver metallic on board.

He is an artist whose work is absolutely unique. He is recognised globally by many wealthy and influential people. Junaid’s work speaks for itself and buyers are left speechless at the work’s uniqueness and charm. He won the Spotlight Artists Award in New York City in 2017, and his work has been displayed in the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Junaid has been commissioned by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the Louis57 Foundation to create a series of 15 paintings as NFTs, called “OurVisionTogether” for the the #Feed2Gether Program to feed underprivileged children. The project invites you to assist the HSH Princess Charlene in donating to a cause that will help alleviate the ever-present hunger crisis. Donating to this cause gives the investor unmatched benefits such as membership to the Monaco-based Philanthropy Club, L’UNITE’; ownership rights to a Blockkoin 1 Ounce Coin, as well as ownership rights to the NFTs fine-art piece.

Blockkoin, a South African based cryptocurrency exchange, partnered with the artist and Foundations to showcase this to the audience at Crypto Fest 2022.


Portchie is one of South Africa’s truly original artists who captivates happiness on a canvas. After selling more than 18 000 original canvas art paintings and more than 1 million prints globally, Portchie’s art is well known and loved by many.

Cycling is an activity Portchie holds dear to his heart for many reasons; it’s uncomplicated, all-embracing and everybody gets a chance to join in the fun. 

Portchie showcased his NFT Art Collection, “Cycling by the Riverside” at the Crypto Fest 2022.

View the NFT collection here.

Craig Chitima

Craig is a Digital Designer, 3D and NFT Artist.

Craig showcased his Ubu Afro collection at Crypto Fest 2022.  This is an ambitious project seeking to preserve African culture and create a new way of looking at it, using art, music and fashion.


Artjamming has a passion for supporting African Artists and for positive disruption! Artjamming has evolved into one of the leading NFT spaces in Africa with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Artjamming showcased some of their African NFT Art Collection at the Crypto Fest 2022.

NFT Market Africa

Instagram: @nftmarketafrica
Twitter: @nftmarketafrica

NFT Market Africa provides physical utilities for NFTs purchased on their marketplace.

They exhibited NFTs from African Creators such as Samurai Farai, Greencreature, Rueby and others which included merchandise, a NFT iFrame, and an autograph from the artists at Crypto Fest 2022.

African NFT

African NFT is an African-based startup company, that creates an online platform for African artists using NFTs. African NFT allows these artists to showcase their talents, express what Africa means to them through their art and have access to a global NFT marketplace.

African NFT partnered with 11 artists across Namibia and South Africa for the Big 5 NFT Collection for these African artists to showcase their talents and express what Africa means to them through their art. Of every NFT sold, a donation is made to the International Rhino Foundation to help save the rhino.

Morianah Inc

Morianah Inc seeks to create a world where free creative expression is rewarded for its Value, Meaning and Purpose. We believe in freedom through Art. A societal evolution and liberation of mind, body and soul. An emergence into the Future of African Art and Heritage through the blockchain. Our great mission is to promote African Art and African Artists.

Morianah Inc showcased their original East African Artist collection, the first of its kind.

Metaverse Zone

The Metaverse Zone showcased Sea Monsters virtual reality gaming experiences and the Cape Town Tourism’s “Find Your Freedom” adventure.


Cape Town Tourism – “Find Your Freedom

Cape Town Tourism showcased their latest campaign: “Find Your Freedom“, an Interactive Travel Experience.

The interactive interface uses game-style graphics to empower global travellers to choose their Mother City adventure, based on the guide they identify with – the Fearless Foodie, Nature Warrior, or Urban Adventurer.

Sea Monster – Table Mountain Cableway VR Project

Lots of people are saying lots of different things about the Metaverse and that probably includes something about virtual reality. Why don’t you come and see a real world, real life example of what VR can do.

Sea Monster built for the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway company, a digital twin of the experience taking you up the mountain which people can experience through VR headsets. There are lots of ways that you can create digital twins and we used many different technologies including LiDAR scans and photogrammetry but ultimately those are just technologies which we had to stitch together into a coherent experience and a coherent world and that is what we did. The result happens to be one of the best digital twins of Cape Town and table mountain which gives people the same butterflies in their tummy that people get when they go up the real thing.

The experience was created just before the start of Covid-19 for a very different world where the company’s biggest problem at the time was that they were losing about 20% of their summer capacity to the south-easter winds. So they had people coming from abroad who had their mornings to go up the mountain but the wind was blowing which prevented the cableway from operating.

The intention behind the VR project was therefore to offer tourists an experience which would at least give them an idea of what all the fuss was about.