Crypto Fest Startup Pitch Competition

Crypto Fest is proud to present the inaugural Startup Pitch Competition, in collaboration with CV VC, NODO, and Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub SA.

This competition is poised to be a standout feature of the event, providing pioneering startups with a platform to present their projects to a worldwide audience.

Why Apply?

  1. Global Exposure: Showcase your project to a diverse and influential audience from around the world.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with potential investors, mentors, and industry experts.
  3. Mentorship and Support: Gain valuable insights and guidance from seasoned professionals.
  4. Prizes and Recognition: Stand a chance to win exciting prizes and gain recognition for your innovative solutions.

Who Should Apply?

  • Early-stage startups with groundbreaking ideas in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and Web3.0 space.
  • Innovators looking to scale their projects and make a lasting impact on the industry.
  • Visionaries eager to revolutionize the future of finance and technology.

The Programme

Five Startups will be selected to pitch their company in front of our esteemed judges at Crypto Fest 2023.

The programme will be as follows:

The Prizes

1st Place: $1,000, Grant Workshop and Fastrack from ICP, CV VC Deck and Business Audit

2nd Place: Grant Fasttrack, and Workshop with ICP, press release on NODO

3rd Place: Grant Workshop from ICP


The NODO Grants Program is a unique initiative dedicated to supporting the development and progression of exceptional African Web3 business ideas and products. Their ultimate goal with this program is to stimulate innovation, accelerate mass adoption of Web3 technologies, and consequently, broaden business and financial opportunities for African startups and consumers. NODO is a pan-African Web3 Discovery and News service committed to this cause, operating under the larger EMURGO Africa entity.


CV VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on global startups that build solutions using blockchain technology.

Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub SA

MW3 ICP.Hub aims to catalyze the growth of Web3 and blockchain innovation in Southern Africa. MW3 ICP.Hub is committed to building a thriving and inclusive Web3 ecosystem that transforms industries, empowers developers, and fuels the next generation of blockchain-powered startups through education, mentorship, accelerator programs and the Global $200m+ ICP grants program.

Panelists and Judges

Shaheer Karrim Co-Founder of Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub SA

As the Co-Founder of Mzansi Web3 ICP.Hub Southern Africa, Karrim is deeply

Pascal Marguier Sales Director - France and Africa at Fireblocks

Sowmya Raghavan Head of Product at NODO

As Head of Product at NODO , Sowmya possesses a proven track

Brenton Naicker Principal and Head of Growth at CV VC Africa

Brenton has been a key proponent in bringing blockchain technology and its

Gideon Greaves Managing Director for Africa at CV VC

Gideon Greaves, Managing Director at CV VC & CV Labs Africa, is