Trading Workshop

30 October 2020 | 11:00-12:00pm GMT+2

Learn how to trade with cryptocurrencies and trading bots without having to use spreadsheets or actual funds.

Finally, there is a place to experiment with trading cryptocurrencies and trading bots for FREE!

The QuidPro platform allows users to easily spin up simulated trading bots, and conduct automated trades without any risk. QuidPro allows users to gain the necessary skills and confidence to start conducting real trades using real funds.


For individuals who are looking to experiment with cryptocurrencies and trading bots for free and without any risk. QuidPro is a platform that is the first of its kind, the home of the world’s first competitive trading Lobbies. QuidPro’s simulated environment allows users to experiment in real-time, to gain the necessary skills and confidence needed to take their learnings to the Binance Exchange or the QuidPro Lobbies.


Finally! There is a playground for experienced traders and newbies alike to experiment with cryptocurrencies and trading bots in real-time and without any risks! The QuidPro Simulated Bots and Backtesting are free to use! Gone are the days where your ability to learn how to trade is limited by the funds you have available. Do you want to feel what it feels like to trade with a full Bitcoin? QuidPro allows users to spin up trading bots and have them conduct trades as if they were live on the Binance Exchange. QuidPro offers users a fully simulated environment that is aligned with the Binance experience. QuidPro’s gamified approach allows users to gain confidence, skills, and experience, all while having fun! A gamified tutorial allows users to progress through various levels to unlock additional market indicators. The QuidPro Lobbies allow users to compete against each other to win cash prizes and a global ranking. There are free Lobbies available for users to join so they see first hand what the fuss is all about! If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the world of trading cryptocurrencies first hand without any risks, QuidPro’s Simulated Bots and Backtesting are the perfect places to start!

Are you already an experienced trader and you wish to show off your skills to earn cash prizes and gain a global ranking? Then come and compete in the QuidPro Lobbies!


The QuidPro team aims to introduce users to the platform and cover the following topics:

  1. Downloading the platform and setting up a QuidPro Account
  2. How to create a Simulated Bot
  3. How to run a Backtest
  4. How to join a free Lobby
  5. How to create a Lobby and become a Lobby Admin
  6. QuidPro Referral Program
  7. How to see what other users are doing
  8. How to use the QuidPro platform to earn QUO Coin and a global ranking
  9. How to use the QuidPro platform to conduct real trades on Binance


This workshop is sponsored by QuidPro. Learn more about QuidPro here.



Martin Meiring Co-Founder of QuidPro

Martin is an accomplished computer engineer with a wide range of specialized

Wesley Patrick Co-Founder of QuidPro

Well-traveled, against the grain, a closet scientist, and a background in marketing

Investment Workshop

30 October 2020 | 03:10pm – 04:10pm GMT+2

Stratum, a Hong Kong based technology company that develops blockchain solutions focused on digital currencies, will show attendees why and how to invest in StratumBlue.


StratumBlue is a digital token that represents a basket of 14 cryptocurrencies. It is a simple and effective way to purchase different cryptocurrencies at once, using smart diversification. BLU components are the most valued cryptocurrencies in the market, representing over 80% of the entire cryptocurrency market value.

Currently, the BLU basket is composed of 50% Bitcoin, and 50% altcoins. Cryptos in the BLU basket include Ethereum, Monero, Chainlink, among other top cryptos.


The advantage of buying BLU is that holders don’t need to hold several cryptocurrencies, and don’t have to worry about selecting or exchanging these cryptocurrencies. Our team does the work for them, by managing and updating the basket to the benefit of all BLU holders.

This workshop is sponsored by Stratum. Learn more about Stratum here.


Carlo Sabogal Project Manager and Chief Market Analyst at StratumBlue

Carlo Sabogal is the Project Manager and Chief Market Analyst at StratumBlue,