Charging Station Sponsor

Increase dwell time and engage and promote your product to our attendees.

All charging stations will be branded with personalised vinyl decals and backlit prints with the sponsors branding and logo.

Charging stations will charge 99% of the available cell phones and tablets.

Two Options

Cell Phone Cocktail Table Charging Station

  • 8 x Tamper proof industrial braided charging cables
  • Retractable cables
  • Apple iPhone, Android & Type C
  • LED backlit
  • 1 x extra AC outlet plug point for charging other devices
  • Customised branding
  • Protected clear Plexiglas cover
  • Battery powered – optional extra
  • Branding – backlit print

Cell Phone Locker Station

  • Secure charging facility
  • Locker door configurations – 20 door
  • 4 PIN combination locks (master key provided)
  • 2 x individual charging cables per compartment (iPhone, Micro USB & Type C)
  • Plinth – adds height and extra branding space
  • All units have castor/trolley wheels for easy mobility
  • Branding – top, bottom sections, both sides & front section of plinth