Forget Winter! Crypto Fest 2019 Is Coming!

Bitcoin Events introduces a first gathering of its kind in South Africa, the Crypto Fest!

Interest in cryptocurrency is steadily soaring in Africa. Being considered a disruptive innovation, numerous start-ups and initiatives are leveraging cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to build an African financial ecosystem and deliver innovative services to African consumers and businesses.

You will be brushing armour with thought leaders, industry innovators, crypto investors, technology experts, entrepreneurs, traders, enthusiasts, private and institutional investors, as well as the key crypto and blockchain players. Grab a torch and explore the deep, dark underworld of the cryptocurrency economy, as we shine a light on global developments and opportunities. The pioneers, the early believers, the highly influential and established opinion leaders will all be drawing swords, as the battle of the coins commence.

Winter would have come and gone so you would not want to miss out on this battle of the cryptos.

Grab your Early Adopter ticket now for ONLY R450!

The Crypto Fest Call for Papers Is Open

The festival will provide insight into the various cryptocurrencies that exist, highlighting the more interesting ones, in terms of adoption and market capitalisation, and will explore the exponential opportunities cryptocurrencies offer.
We would love to showcase innovative solutions and technologies with a legion of investors, experts and developers, businesses and participants who are using cryptocurrency to redefine everyday lives. Share with us what project, product and/or service you and your team are working on by submitting your paper now.

For more information on the Crypto Fest email us at

See You at the Crypto Fest 2019 in Cape Town!